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Picasso had his blue period

Then the rose, followed by

The white, black and grey

of Guernica, his ode to

the horrors of war.

I don’t of Picasso in terms of red, period.

Red rests on every canvas in my living room above

the red Turkish carpet.


Dense rich vibrant cadmium.

It is blood spilled from a pin prick

an auto accident, or a soldier killed instantly.


I am connected to crimson through

My cycles of womanhood

and births of my children.

Red courses through my veins

and flows out through my brush,

the ultimate connection of my interior to my exterior.

Red pigment, is finally, for me,

the atonement.



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  1. color has its own identity, are archetypes of our feelings profundos.cada color expresses an emotional content that often tells us our hidden senses razão.o all colors of red is the color most viseral, emotional, aggressive, it follows the man since ancient times in the depths of our unconscious red screams the fear of death ………….

    Carlos Thága

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