Found: Two art Poems-Won Edgar A. Poe award for Sky Cathedral-


Nevelson, architect of blackness,

Mozart’s Queen of the Night

Sings her impossible arias

In dark composition that soar.

“Black is not absence,

but the sum of all color.” Her words.

From Manhattan rubbish

She builds baroque

Cathedrals that reach for

the infinite opera.


In a spot of color

you found the image

ink  blood

Art fused with broken spine

mended in  a purgatory of remorse.

Hair sacrificed to lovers,

a sister  your husband

on canvas you wear Diego’s suit

and you own it.

When your soul was shoved into hard barren earth

you painted green leaves, blood stains

lost pregnancies and monkeys

your landscape vivid, thick as your honest eyebrows,

dark, rich as the sweet odor of Mexican soil.

Images strong as you weaken.

Pain intrudes, splits your portrait in two,

one the loved other, unloved.

Wounded body and bruised heart.

Skulls in a miniature landscape

carved into a forehead of dreams.

A world found in each canvas,

its horror and its beauty.

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