July 15 Words of Wisdom?

Second day writing. This is a discipline really. It’s better than a ‘Dear Diary’ I believe. Although diaries were mostly private. I belong to a writing group and usually do sketches in the journal after I finish the exercise, while everyone is still writing. It becomes a word and image sort of thing. Back in the last decade, when I was teaching a class at Elms College, I introduced a class called “Word and Image” I had a group of nurses who had not made much art. So to provoke an image, I read a selection of poetry to them. This often produced great results in art-making. The medium they used was watercolor. So interesting to see how unique each work of art was. And how they interpreted whatever image or feeling was in the poem. I’m sure I’m not the first artist/teacher to do this. But this could work for any artist, no matter what stage they are in. So try it, and use whatever medium appeals to you, watercolor, collage, acrylic, drawing. Those are my thoughts on this rather humid, hot day in New England.CGuthrie-Babes And BloomsII
Here’s a collage that I used from a poem.

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