Musing on Kandinsky’s Point and Line to Plane

Moving from nature and tornadoes to Kandinsky’s passionate philosophy about art making is a relief, even though the drama is revealed in the artist’s non-objective paintings. In his essay, “Point and Line to Plane,” he says the point is akin to language and is a language signifier. The point as period, but further he says that the point is a “tension, a temporary presence.” “Point and Line to Plane’ could be a drawing manual, giving artists compositional guidance through the use of these elements. Line can be quiet or thrusting. It’s all about mark making on a black sheet of paper, thus creating a composition. In literature, point (or period) indicates pause between two sentences (or lines). In music a pause/period after a musical note creates a Mozart or a Beethoven composition. Point, line and plane are interwoven among the arts. Now my questions is: What is the content in the pauses/silence between points/periods.

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